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Jheri St. James Bellydancer

Shake It Up

Enhance your workout while learning new moves in this local belly dancing class.

4 Questions With Ultrarunner Michelle Barton

Ultramarathons are categorized as races farther than 26.2 miles, and they often take place on desolate mountain trails, immersed in nature. They’re a test...

Fitness After 50

Dr. Jack Lynn may be 65 years old, but his physique could pass for two decades younger. With muscle tone even 20-year-olds would envy,...

A Full Day of Active Adventure

With myriad options for pursuing fitness goals, the question isn't what to do, but where to start. Here, a local expert shares his ideal...

Riding the Wave

Surfset provides a workout without the wipeout. Section by Linda Domingo     Paddling out on rolling waters and balancing on unpredictable waves results in the toned,...

Exercise Outside

Exchange your indoor workout routine for adventures in nature. By Joseph Carberry Let’s face it; the gym can be hectic. Waiting in line for the elliptical,...

Pedal Power: Laguna Canyon Riders

Laguna Canyon Riders tackle the trails and give back to the community. Section by Sharael Kolberg As Facundo Malbran whizzes down Water Tank Road in Laguna...