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Poolside Paradise

Local experts offer tips for designing an oasis for relaxing at home this summer. By Ashley Breeding   In the 1970s, photographer Slim Aarons became famous for his iconic seaside and pool scenes. Capturing beautiful subjects—slim, tan and quintessentially Southern California—his images have also become synonymous with local pool culture, not only...

Backyard Bartending

Creating a bar on your home’s back patio provides a place to experiment with cocktail creations while enjoying Laguna’s blissful weather. By Theresa Boehl   From low-key lighting to the subtle clink of ice, there’s nothing quite like the seductive atmosphere of a cocktail bar. While there’s no lack of places to...

Small Spaces

Transform tiny troves into lush gardens with tips from local horticulturists. By Ashley Ryan   A garden—no matter how big or small—holds a certain kind of magic. Whether you’re dealing with potted plants and colorful flowers or fragrant herbs and verdant vegetables, there’s something poetic about nurturing greenery and watching it grow. But,...

Fired Up

With an array of unique designs, backyard fire pits provide a warm and inviting place to gather. By Tanya A. Yacina   The addition of a fire pit to an outdoor space can offer many benefits, especially when more and more people have been staying home during COVID-19 restrictions, but still want...

The Home Design Experts: Duffek Design & Development

Duffek Design & Development is a full-service design-build firm, specializing in design lead construction for new build and project remodels.

The Home Design Experts: 10 Minutes With Julie Laughton

The design builder shares what homeowners need to know before beginning a remodel and why Laguna is a special place to work.

The Home Design Experts: Cover Glass

Are you looking for folding glass doors to maximize your projects’ space? Do you want to create seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor living?

The Home Design Experts: 5 Minutes With Ali Mousavi

With more than 15 years of professional experience, which includes two generations of family business, the Authentic Art Gallery provides high quality area rugs as well as cleaning and restoration services.

Window Replacement as Home Refinement

You’ve seen the signs—drafty windows, doors that stick, loss of energy efficiency—it’s time to replace your windows and doors. Marvin® shows you how.

Alluring Alloys

Brass and copper shine once again in the world of home design. By Victoria Kertz   The latest metals that seem to grace everything from mirrors to table lamps aren’t futuristic alloys, but rather a throwback to the past. Perhaps most associated with antiques in previous years, brass and copper, in all...