Redefining Fitness

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Jenna Leamy at reDefined_credit Sharael Kolberg
Jenna Leamy on an XFormer at her studio, reDefined by Jenna Leamy | Photo by Sharael Kolberg

Mix up your Pilates routine with local trainer Jenna Leamy on her XFormer machines, which offer a high-intensity, low-impact, full-body, resistance-based workout.

By Sharael Kolberg


When Jenna Leamy moved to Laguna Beach last spring, she was looking for the type of resistance training program that she was used to doing on the East Coast. When she couldn’t find what she was looking for, she decided to open her own fitness studio: reDefined by Jenna Leamy. With more than 10 years of experience as a yoga teacher and six years as a resistance training coach, she wanted to bring her knowledge and expertise to Laguna and offer something different.

Her studio features two XFormer machines, which are modernized Pilates reformer machines, the first of their kind in Laguna. Traditional Pilates classes use a reformer machine to strengthen and lengthen muscles, giving athletes a long, lean look. It also works the core to provide balance and agility. The XFormer offers a more high-intensity workout to get the heart rate up. We caught up with Leamy to find out more about her unique training equipment and methods.


Laguna Beach Magazine: Why did you want to open this type of studio in Laguna Beach?

Jenna Leamy: When people walk into my studio, they think the machines are reformers, but they are different. Not many people here have used the XFormer machines. I wanted to bring something new to Laguna.


What should a first-timer expect from a session on the XFormer?

JL: To be challenged. It is harder than most people expect it to be. People think it’s Pilates, but it’s resistance training—much more intense, but it’s very safe and effective. My sessions are 50 minutes and it’s a full-body workout.


What experience is needed to use this machine?

JL: No experience is needed. I can work with every person, ability level and age group. There’s a million different ways to use the machine. I can customize a routine for everyone.


What are the fitness benefits of this type of workout?

JL: Strength, muscle endurance, increasing flexibility, muscle toning, cardio. I also incorporate breathwork into the routine to connect the breath with the body. I encourage my clients to be present with how they are moving their body. Most clients feel results within a month. The change happens internally first, then physically.


As a mother of three girls, what does it mean to be a business owner in the fitness industry?

JL: I raise them to be strong, kind and courageous. My girls are so proud of me. They love to share that “my mommy has [a] studio.” It’s so important to me that they see and recognize all body types. It’s more about how you feel in your body, not about your physical appearance. I want my clients and kids to feel confident, strong and loved.

Training Tools

Make sure your workout bag includes these essentials before you head to the studio.


Gear up to maximize your fitness routine with these must-haves that will make your session comfortable and impactful.

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Get a grip with Tucketts’ ALLEGRO SOCKS: These open-toed, grippy socks provide safety as well as comfort while using the XFormer machines, $16, at reDefined by Jenna Leamy. (
Keep your hair pulled back and out of your eyes during your session with the Silke London’s HAIR TIES, which are cute enough to wear wherever you have to be after your workout as well, $39, at Laguna Supply. (949-497-8850;
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