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Health Haven_credit Sharael Kolberg
Haven Schulz, a personal trainer and former bodybuilder, has a studio in Laguna Beach. | Photo by Sharael Kolberg

Find both inner and outer strength at former bodybuilder Haven Schulz’s new fitness studio.

By Sharael Kolberg


Having grown up with parents who were bodybuilders, health and fitness was just a part of life for Haven Schulz. With a home gym, Schulz would lift weights with her dad for fun when she was a young teen. By high school, she was competing as a bodybuilder and, soon after, taking on clients as a personal trainer. Now, at only 26 years old, she’s already been in the industry for nearly a decade. In 2017, she moved from Redding, California, to Laguna Beach and opened Health Haven Studio at South Coast Highway and Agate Street. Her focus is on personalized, one-on-one, functional strength training. As a certified personal trainer, fitness nutrition specialist and corrective exercise specialist, Schulz caters each program to meet the client’s specific needs. in our interview with Schulz, she reveals how her expertise comes into play to help her clients grow stronger and more confident through personal training.


Laguna Beach Magazine: What does your studio offer?

Haven Schulz: Mainly personalized, one-on-one training. I also do some buddy training or small-group training. The main focus is on bodybuilding and functional strength training, along with nutrition. My clients range [in age] from … 20s to 70s—this is their studio and private gym. We can make it however they need it to be to meet their goals.


How is your training different from other gyms?

HS: Personalization. I teach basic strength training movements with progressive training plans so that my clients continue to make progress. We are continually increasing weights or workout times. Sessions are 30 or 50 minutes—mostly strength training with cardio outside, like running stairs from Moss [Street] to Agate [Street].


What are the benefits of working out with a personal trainer?

HS: Accountability is the biggest thing. I enjoy building a trusting relationship with people to help them meet their goals. I make sure my clients have good form so they don’t get injured. When they get stronger, it helps them do things they want to do outside the gym.


What should a first-timer expect from a session with you?

HS: With someone new, I just like to talk with them first, to get to know their goals, medical information, physical strengths or injuries, nutritional needs, current workout routine [and] if they’ve had previous experience with a trainer.

The second session, I give them a full-body workout to make sure everything is working and see where their strength and mobility is at. I don’t like to make anyone throw up on their first session. I get to know the person, then their body.


What do you enjoy most about being a trainer?

HS: My relationships with my clients. They are like family to me. I love meeting someone and watch[ing] … them grow and change, and grow confident. Seeing their development—it transfers to outside the studio, into their work and family lives.


Any tips for getting back into a fitness routine?

HS: Ask for help. Find someone to hold you accountable; don’t go at it alone. There are so many different apps, websites, trainers [and] groups that make it more fun. Find people going through the same things, same struggles, breaking bad habits.


Do you offer online training for those who prefer to work out at home?

HS: I offer personalized online training that can be done at home. Choose from equipment-free, limited equipment or full gym workout plans. I will create your custom workout plan based on your schedule. You log info on an app. We check in once a week through Facetime.

Strengthening Staples

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