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Laguna Community Concert Band performs at Laguna Playhouse, Mark Lowery conducts 11-07-2021

Music Makers

The Laguna Community Concert Band has shared its love of music through local performances over the past two decades. By Sharael Kolberg   Celebrating more than 20...
Feddy at Montage 17 2

10 Minutes With … Jason Feddy

The local musician shares some of his humor, inspiration and favorite places in town. By Sharon Stello   Prolific musician Jason Feddy, who performs at several venues...
DSC02686 Laguna Beach Sister Cities Association fete de la musique

Collective Culture

The Laguna Beach Sister Cities Association aims to create unity through art, music and travel, highlighting places that aren’t so different from our coastal...
Marine Room Tavern_credit Sean Armenta

2013: Where Locals Gather

The Marine Room Tavern may have changed hands, but music and memories continue to be the main items on the menu. By Bruce Porter Modest almost...
2007 Donavon header

2007: Riding the Wave of Success

Why guitarist and surfer Donavon Frankenreiter has the coolest life ever. By Moira C. Reeve Donavon Frankenreiter’s fingers sweep along the fingerboard of the ancient Slingerland...