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Signature Flavor

Enjoy some of the best peri peri from Mozambique right here in Laguna. – By Micaela Myers

Located in southeastern Africa and bordered by the Indian Ocean to the east, Mozambique is home to many natural resources, including peri peri peppers and their resulting delicious sauce. With one of the best peri peri sauces in the world, according to General Manager George Poulos, Mozambique restaurant and coastal lounge brings the flavors and traditions of Mozambique cooking to Laguna. Inspired by the wood fires used in Mozambique, the restaurant also utilizes a wood-fired grill for many of its signature items, including peri peri prawns served with the shell on and peri peri chicken, both served with Mozambique rice, mango salsa and peri peri sauce for dipping; or one of the many steak options, which are seasoned with Mozambique Spice Company Steak Rub, grilled over the hardwood fire and served with Yukon Gold mashed potatoes, sautéed asparagus and Mozambique Spice Company Steak Sauce. For vegetarians that want a taste of the wood-fired grill, see if the chef will make you a special veggie bruchette: vegetable kabobs stuck into a fire-grilled pineapple and served with the signature peri peri dipping sauce.

Mozambique restaurant also makes delicious curries, including a vegetable curry with veggies, apples, dates, organic brown rice, sambals and chutney; a Durban curry with curried lamb, vegetables, Mozambique rice, sambals and chutney; and a seafood curry made with shrimp, lobster, scallops, calamari, vegetables, rice, sambals and chutney. The extensive menu features salads, soups and a variety of meat and seafood as well—enough variety to satisfy all palates. Don’t miss the seasoned fries with Mozambique spices.

While the menu stays fairly consistent, it is updated occasionally to meet customer demand. For example, the $20 Maputo Platters were added to create affordable options and include applewood grilled mahi mahi, barbecue pork chop, peri peri chicken, hand cut sirloin and boerewors sausage/chicken pop/pork chop all with a variety of accompaniments. In the works now is an open-air sunset deck to seat 80, which they hope to have approved and ready before the end of the year.  LBM

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