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Laguna Beach resident Skip Hellewell released his latest book, “Loving Laguna: A Local’s Guide to Laguna Beach,” July 1. Skip endeavored to compile a guide that encompasses his many discoveries about Laguna Beach, and to explain the history behind some iconic local landmarks to residents and visitors alike. Skip comments of his experience in Laguna, “We tend to know [only] fragments of our town.” His book represents an effort to build on that fragmented knowledge by dispersing information that he has collected since the 1970s, when he settled in Laguna Niguel with his wife.  “[I collected] newspaper articles and kept a file, and became progressively more interested in the stories as I found them,” Skip explains. Readers can dive into Laguna’s history through reading the tome, which covers topics ranging from architecture to the myriad Hollywood stars that have walked Laguna’s streets. To help Laguna residents explore the terrain of their own backyard, Skip also has penned detailed descriptions of the best local hiking routes and scenic locations that offer ample sightseeing. (lovinglaguna.com) —J.C.

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  1. Loving Laguna is possibly the most boring book ever written about Laguna Beach. Not only is it filled with mis-information, the grammar and writing style is weak at best. Adding insult to injury, the book was self-published — probably because no credible publishing house would accept the jumbled mess.

    Frankly, I am disappointed Laguna Beach Magazine would write about the book. The only reason I can think of is that Skip knows someone at your office or he paid you to write this review.

    Comon’ LBM, can’t you dig up better trash than this?


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