Ocean-View Seafood : The Cliff Restaurant

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The Cliff restaurant offers a taste of the Pacific with breathtaking views.

By Alli Tong  | Photos by Jody Tiongco

The Cliff restaurant

Boasting one of the best views overlooking the Pacific Ocean, The Cliff restaurant is a sanctuary for foodies, happy hour lovers and nine-to-fivers alike.

Nestled in the Laguna Village off Coast Highway, The Cliff gives patrons the luxury of dining with 180-degree ocean views of whitewater waves crashing below and the sun setting in the distance. While the restaurant’s main seating is situated on its multilevel outdoor patio, it also has an indoor bar that seats about 20. Fortunately for The Cliff, Laguna’s infinitely sunny, warm climate makes every day an opportunity to feast alfresco.

Seaside dining lends the perfect setting to sit back, relax and take things a little slower. Start the experience with a cocktail (or few) and let any worries wash away with the waves. The Cliff offers an extensive cocktail menu, including low-calorie libations that pack a ton of flavor. The Ty Ku Mojito is a light, refreshing drink made with Ty Ku sake, VeeV Acai Spirit, fresh lemon and lime, mint and a splash of soda, at only 90 calories. Another favorite is the signature Cliff Hanger, an ocean-blue martini with Cruzan Mango Rum, strawberry flavor, orange liqueur and lime.

Next, order some appetizers to complement the cocktails. The Scallops Wasabi, a  refreshing palate cleanser, is made of raw scallops topped with seaweed, pickled ginger and wasabi cream, and served on an oyster shell. Other favorites include the bruschetta, lightly toasted baguette slices topped with airy mozzarella, tomatoes, fresh basil and balsamic reduction, or the cheese plate, perfect for sharing within groups. A true cheese-lover dish, this starter features premier cheeses, including a smoked gouda and a rosey goat cheese imported from Spain. “Lighter snacks like this go great here,” says Andrew Turula, general manager.

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While diners could make a meal out of the generously sized starters, the main entrees are not to be missed. Although The Cliff offers something for everyone, from kung pao chicken to New York steak, the seafood is by far the standout. The mouthwatering Halibut Laguna tastes as good as it looks, with a grilled halibut filet topped with mango and papaya salsa served on a bed of veggies. The seafood tacos—choice of mahi mahi, shrimp or fried calamari—are also a tasty dish.

To end the evening, the bread pudding bites tossed in cinnamon and sugar, and served in a martini glass, are the ideal dessert to snack on while the sun slowly descends beneath the horizon. It’s safe to say that whether sipping on a cocktail or feasting on five courses, The Cliff is a heavenly place to be.  LBM

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