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2019: From the Ashes

Artists exhibiting at the local summer festivals reveal how struggles they’ve faced have helped shape both their lives and their work. By Ashley Ryan Lyn Hiner Festival...
1968 entrance_courtesy of Sawdust Art Festival

2016: Golden Years

Sawdust Art Festival and Laguna Art-A-Fair celebrate a half-century of artistic excellence. By Richard Chang It may be hard to believe, but Sawdust Art Festival and...
William Wendt at Work at POM

In Plein Air

Pageants of the Masters preps for its 85th year, highlighting impressionist and alfresco artistry with an “Under the Sun” theme.

Sensory Guide to the Art Festivals

Not only a visual feast, Laguna’s three iconic art festivals engage visitors with exciting sounds, scents, tastes and hands-on activities. By Cheryl Pruett The aroma of...