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san shi go sushi rolls

A Triumphant Return

Popular amongst locals, sushi spot San Shi Go has reopened in town, bringing a slew of customer favorites with it. By Ashley Ryan   Ask a local...
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Leave it to the Chef

At Rebel Omakase, tradition and creativity come together for a curated meal rooted in remembrance. By Ashley Ryan   Japanese cuisine—especially the art of sushi-making—is steeped in...

Gu Ramen Brings Slurp-Worthy Noodle Bowls to Town

Kitiphong Thongdetsakul and Wicha Thossansin knew exactly what Laguna needed: a small but cozy noodle shop that’s one-of-a-kind in this city. The pair’s new...

Roll With It: Sushi Laguna

Approaching its 15th year in town, Sushi Laguna has perfected the art of fresh, simple dishes—with a few surprises. By Bria Balliet | Photos by...