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3 Colors to Add to Your Plate This Spring

While Brussels sprouts may make others cringe, they’re a favorite for clinical nutritionist Gini Warner. To her, the vegetable—in season locally through early spring—complements...

Fitness After 50

Dr. Jack Lynn may be 65 years old, but his physique could pass for two decades younger. With muscle tone even 20-year-olds would envy,...

Escape Stressors with Meditation

Benefits of a Break While meditation is not a cure for any specific ailment, it’s been proven effective for those who practice regularly. A recent...

Riding the Wave

Surfset provides a workout without the wipeout. Section by Linda Domingo     Paddling out on rolling waters and balancing on unpredictable waves results in the toned,...

Drink to Your Health

Juice it up in Laguna with freshly squeezed sips that offer a boost of essential vitamins and minerals. By Sharon Stello | Photos by Jody Tiongco     At...