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IMG_8541 courtesy of carolyn machado

Mini Masterpieces

Intimate and detailed, small-scale artwork begs a closer look, demands more attention and invites viewers into a unique art experience. By Jennifer Pappas Yennie   One Man's...
COVID Crisis by Leslie Davis

Scientific Studies

Artists Leslie Davis and Alia Manetta find inspiration in an unexpected discipline. By Ashley Ryan   Glass Gifts From the age of 14, Leslie Davis was enthralled with...
Larimar with pearl accents set in fine silver header

Sparkle & Shine

Local jewelers Patti Jo Kiraly and Miche McClendon create wearable art that would make ideal gifts this holiday season. By Ashley Ryan   Perfect Pearls Conjure up an...
curator Rothe header

Big City Curation

Local gallery owner and artist Vanessa Rothe prepares for the newest iteration of her travel-centric Americans in Paris project, which will show both in...
IMG_6495-2_credit Ashley Ryan

Gone Wild

Artists Jeff Lavinsky and Jeff Nadler both put conservation front and center with their animal-centric artwork. By Ashley Ryan   Charting the Path When strolling through the aisles...
you-give-me-comfort-credit Fabio Napoleoni

Art With Heart

Inspired by his daughter’s heart condition, Fabio Napoleoni channeled his creativity into a new career as an artist. By Ashley Ryan   Twists and turns in life...
Chemtrails W. by Jesse Miller

All Mixed Up

Two local artists employ a variety of materials and techniques to highlight nature, politics and the passing of time. By Jennifer Pappas Yennie   Jack of All...
Nelson Coates_by Greg Doherty

Movie Magic

Nelson Coates, a local production designer, builds cinematic worlds using everything from art and architecture to special effects. By Ashley Ryan   Unless you work in the...