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Jheri St. James Bellydancer

Shake It Up

Enhance your workout while learning new moves in this local belly dancing class.
Art of Fitness

Power of the Punch

Boxing classes offer an exciting, full-body workout that can relieve stress, too. By Briana Verdugo Sweat drips onto the floor as heavy bags swing, carrying the...

Reap the Benefits of Brisk Walking

In recent months, brisk walking has caught the attention of health enthusiasts across the nation due to its numerous workout perks. This past September, the...

Find Your Center with Tai Chi: Q&A with Valarie Prince Gabel

The ancient practice of tai chi, often described as “meditation in motion,” is a holistic exercise consisting of a series of slow, deliberate movements...

Benefits of Youth Sports: Q&A with Darren Utterback

When students step onto the court or the field, they learn new skills and challenge themselves in ways that can’t be learned from a...

Swing Success: Pro Golf Tips

To say Ryan Sheffer knows a thing or two about golf is an understatement. A student of the game, Ryan is the lead instructor...

A Full Day of Active Adventure

With myriad options for pursuing fitness goals, the question isn't what to do, but where to start. Here, a local expert shares his ideal...

Body of Work

Home Gym Creations Local designers offer tips for creating the perfect home gym.- By Somer Flaherty Ready to take your exercise routine home with you? To create...