Stories of the Sand

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When I first moved to Orange County five years ago, I was awestruck by its coastal beauty, especially the city of Laguna Beach. In fact, the beaches of Laguna were among the first I visited when I put down roots here. My fiance (then boyfriend) would often take me to Thalia Street Beach, where we would meet friends and hang out, or meet with his sister, nieces and nephew for a day of fun under the sun. Thalia Street Beach, in particular, is a hidden paradise—a lesser-known beach that’s perfect for surfing and skimboarding, or just laying out in the sun.

Like a memory box, the beaches here are diaries of our experiences—imagine that each grain of sand represents an experience that someone had there. Just like there are millions of grains of sand, there are millions of stories to be told. Similarly, as each grain of sand is microscopically unique, each story is unique in its own way. Just walking along a favorite strip of coastline can bring up memories of growing up, certain milestones in life, specific people in our lives and so much more. It’s also a place to reflect; on my lunch break during the day, I often just like to stroll up to Heisler Park and sit on one of the benches that overlook the crashing waves below. For whatever reason, the shoreline is a magical place; a place where you just can’t help but appreciate what you have in life, whether you’re going through tough or good times.

In this issue, you can read about a few of the beaches that are special to others here in Laguna (page 66) and their coveted memories. In fact, we want to know what your favorite beach is here, and why. Take a photo of yourself with your toes in the sand and tag us on Instagram (@lagunabeachmagazine) or Facebook!

We hope you enjoy the long summer days and continue to build more memories in the sand.

Alli Tong
Editor, Laguna Beach Magazine

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