Divine Intervention

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Crystals at The Chakra Shack
Crystals at The Chakra Shack

Crystals, psychic readings and energy healings are helping people find spiritual alignment.

By Ashley Probst


Modern spiritual practices are often attributed to New Age spirituality, but most of these popular beliefs and rituals actually have ancient origins. The use of crystals, divination and energy healings can all be traced back to Mesopotamia—and these modalities have withstood the tests of time.

For those currently seeking a soul rejuvenation, there’s an abundance of opportunities for guidance and healing throughout Laguna Beach. Offerings range from gemstones and aura photography at The Chakra Shack, sound baths and angel readings at Experience Divine Vibes, reiki-infused facials and other treatments at Mystic Reiki & Wellness and much more.

“It’s so beautiful to see people come together with these [intentions] to heal,” says Jill Templin, owner of The Chakra Shack, which recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. “… When you’re on the right path, the universe opens up for you.”

And the first step on a spiritual journey is figuring out which healing modalities resonate with one’s intentions.


Crystalline Energy

Much more than just aesthetically pleasing rocks, crystals are also used as powerful tools to supplement the likes of energy work and manifestation.

LeAnn Morgan, owner of Experience Divine Vibes, describes crystals as highly abundant and says that each gemstone holds a particular frequency. Fluctuations in energy are part of the human experience and crystals can help stabilize or amplify those energies.

Experience Divine Vibes
Experience Divine Vibes, which offers sound baths, angel readings and more

“We take it a step further by not just helping you select your crystals, but [showing you] how to work with them, how to use them for crystal healing on your body, or specific ones to help manifest certain things,” Morgan says of the crystal shopping experience at her store.

Some of Morgan’s favorite gemstones are Danburite, angel aura quartz and kunzite—higher consciousness crystals that help her tap into angel frequencies, which she describes as “the purest, clearest white light energy that you could possibly imagine.”

Templin recommends that beginners opt for amethyst, clear quartz and rose quartz. These are easily accessible crystals that bring feelings of peace, clarity and self-love, respectively. In order to harness this crystalline energy, gemstones may be used as a totem, worn in jewelry or carried on their person; they are also used in meditation. Templin believes the most important part of this practice is the intention.

Gemstones are often incorporated in professional services at Experience Divine Vibes and Mystic Reiki & Wellness, where owner Kerry Walker-Collins utilizes a variety of crystals during her treatments, with one of her go-to gemstones being selenite.

“I think it corresponds really well with reiki and the removal of negative energy and the connection with spirit,” she explains. “… It wants to absorb all of the energy that doesn’t serve the person.”

There are a few metaphysical supply stores in Laguna Beach that carry an array of crystals, including Earth Stones International, Moonlight Crystals & Earth, Kristalle and The Chakra Shack. Earth Stones International has a vast collection of gemstones that come in all sizes, including giant geodes, as well as crystal jewelry and stone lamps.

For the crystal connoisseur, Kristalle in north Laguna has an inventory full of rare minerals and gold specimens that are ideal pieces for collectors. Moonlight Crystals & Earth is another metaphysical supply store that carries gemstones, handmade jewelry, tarot cards, singing bowls, home decor and more. This space also offers spiritual services like palm readings and aura photography.


Healing Hands

There are countless types of healing services, but some of the most popular offerings in Laguna Beach include reiki treatments, aura photography and sound baths.

Reiki, a Japanese form of energy work, is the main focus at Mystic Reiki & Wellness. Clients can choose from a variety of treatments like 60- or 90-minute reiki healing sessions, an in-depth reiki renewal with two- and three-hour options, distance reiki as well as reiki for animals, and coaching that incorporates reiki healing and intuitive guidance. There’s even an organic reiki facial. Walker-Collins says the unique facial utilizes reiki energy, organic skin care products, crystals that may be placed on the client, as well as a crystal gua sha treatment; longer sessions also incorporate sound healing.

Templin says reiki is the most commonly requested form of energy work at The Chakra Shack, while the most popular service overall is aura photography.

Mystic Reiki & Wellness owner Kerry Walker-Collins_Emily McAllister Photography
Mystic Reiki & Wellness owner Kerry Walker-Collins conducting a sound bath | Photo by Emily McAllister Photography

“Aura photography relates to the energy that is beyond your physical or visual spectrum,” Templin explains. “… We have a machine and you put your hand on it and it measures the biofeedback to give you those colors.”

Each color aligns with a different energy or personality trait. For example, someone with a violet aura is likely sensitive to energy or even empathic, whereas those with a red aura are grounded and not easily influenced by external energies.

Aura photography can be done for humans and pets—though the latter is only available once a month. Other regular events include monthly tarot card classes, winter and summer solstice parties, full moon sound baths, and new moon breathwork (coming soon).

If a more intimate experience is preferred, Experience Divine Vibes hosts private sound baths three times a day. Each session is fully channeled and includes a smoke cleansing; a body scan to pinpoint emotional, physical and/or spiritual blockages; the use of instruments like crystal singing bowls, tuning forks and gongs; messages from spiritual entities like angels or passed loved ones; and a reading using angel oracle cards.

Experience Divine Vibes also offers a 25-minute express clearing and chakra rebalance, which is intended as a tuneup for those who attend regular sound baths or maintain their own energetic hygiene.

A recent addition to this shop’s offerings are treatments with Healy, a bioenergetic frequency machine. The compact device utilizes microcurrent and 230 different frequency programs that can perform anything from a liver or kidney cleanse to an aura analysis or chakra balancing. Morgan offers private spaces for clients to run the programs on themselves.

“My main thing is showing people how to become their own healer and … helping them move through things [happening in their lives] by supporting and guiding their path to peace,” Morgan says.


Resonating With Readings

Divination is another service offered locally. This practice typically uses tools like cards, birth charts or other objects to receive messages from the spiritual realm.

An angel reading at Experience Divine Vibes includes pulling oracle cards and receiving intuitive guidance with specific messages that pertain to each client’s life. Although some people arrive intending to only receive a reading, Morgan says they often realize through the divination session that they would also benefit from an energy clearing.

Intuitive readings are a huge draw at The Chakra Shack, which employs up to 10 spiritual practitioners, all of whom offer a variety of readings, including tarot, psychometry, astrology, palmistry, tasseography (tea leaf reading), channeled messages, angel therapy and more.

 reiki facial at Mystic Reiki & Wellness_Emily McAllister Photography
An organic reiki facial at Mystic Reiki & Wellness | Photo by Emily McAllister Photography

With so many different types of readings to choose from, Templin encourages interested parties to select a reader with whom they feel the strongest connection.

“They help widen your gaze and … give you another perspective,” says Templin, who has received readings that have helped center her energy and reminded her to trust her intuition. “… Readings offer a lot of confirmation.”

Humans aren’t the only ones who can benefit from a reading: The Chakra Shack also offers pet communication services, which is an intuitive reading that taps into the pet’s energy.

No matter your circumstances—or species—all souls are worthy of divine guidance and healing.


Holistic Happenings

These ethereal events will leave participants feeling energetically aligned.

Pet aura photography at The Chakra Shack
Pet aura photography at The Chakra Shack

Reiki, Guided Meditation and Sound Healing

Feb. 3; Laguna Hills

Mystic Reiki & Wellness owner Kerry Walker-Collins and reiki master Courtney Parkyn will guide participants through a multifaceted healing journey using energy work, meditation and sound healing. (949-280-9202; mysticreiki.com)

Full Moon Sound Bath

Feb. 5 and March 7; The Chakra Shack

Enjoy an hourlong sound bath to find peace and clarity. Bring a blanket or yoga mat, pillow, water and crystals, and wear comfortable clothing. (949-715-6930; chakrashack.com)

Reiki 1 & 2 Certification

Feb. 12; Mystic Reiki & Wellness

This workshop will feature education about this popular form of Japanese energy work, followed by an attunement to reiki energy that will allow attendees to perform self-healing and to facilitate healing for others. (949-280-9202; mysticreiki.com)

Taste of Tarot

Feb. 20 and March 20; The Chakra Shack

Join Lisa O’Neil, who has been a practitioner for 25 years, to learn about tarot, discuss tarot-related topics and exchange readings. Bring your favorite deck, notepad and pen. (949-715-6930; chakrashack.com)

Pet Aura Photography

Feb. 25 and March 25; The Chakra Shack

Tap into your pet’s aura to learn more about their personality type and energy. (949-715-6930; chakrashack.com)

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