Sixth Annual Laguna Hero Fest

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LBM_38_Communit Society_2013 My Hero Fest_By Jody Tiongco-3Members of the Laguna Beach community and beyond gathered at seven-degrees May 23 for the Sixth Annual Laguna Hero Fest, where they enjoyed hors d’oeuvres, wine and 19 short films that highlight local heroes—from preservationist James Dilly to artist Doug Miller to the Boys & Girls Club of Laguna Beach. Also honored, among those in the audience, were Tyler Russell of the local radio station with the Community Hero Award; Miller with the Artist/Historian/Musician Award; Andy Alison for filmmaking; James Pribram and Charlie McMahon of ECO-Warrior; and Wyland and Nick “I” Hernandez for the album, “Blues Planet: Sounds.” Founded by Jeanne Myers, the mission of the MyHero Project is to provide healthy role models to youngsters as well as foster creativity through various media. —A.B.

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