Ocean Club St Barths: The Caribbean’s Most Exclusive Restaurant You Need to Visit

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Vacationing in the Caribbean can be an idyllic getaway for anyone looking to escape the woes of the daily grind. It’s difficult to imagine anything capable of ruining these tranquil waters and white sandy and sun-kissed beaches. And the last thing you want to take your attention away from the beauty and serenity around you is a sub-par meal. If you’re visiting St. Barths, you’re in luck, Ocean Club, voted the Caribbean’s Best New Restaurant in 2023, is just a few steps away!

Co-founded by the recipient of the 2020 Chef of the Year for St. Barthelemy, Jarad McCarroll, Ocean Club offers the highest level of food and service on the island. The fine dining experience at the Ocean Club is augmented by genuinely unique dishes for even the most sophisticated palates. These include dishes “Our Island,” “The Tree of Life,” and “Caviar Illusion.” This is gourmet dining at its finest. The restaurant offers a dynamic and exclusive, experience-focused meal within a calming and chic interior, conceived and developed by award-winning design studio Hirsch Bedner Associates.

Located within the Prada and Dolce & Gabbana building on Rue de la République, Gustavia’s main street, Ocean Club is positioned as an extension of its clients’ villas. Its prime location adds to the overall welcoming atmosphere that refuses to go unnoticed.

Inside, the prestigious dining experience at Ocean Club begins with stunning panoramic views over the marina that bring the feeling of a home away from home that the designers set out to cultivate. The club showcases the various smooth and rough textures and warm colors of the volcanic island, reminiscent of peaceful sunsets and fiery magma. These natural finishes reflect a beach club style as the main seating area provides unparalleled views over the Port de Gustavia.

After being seated, Ocean Club’s incomparable service becomes apparent. It’s easy to see why this establishment was recognized as the best new restaurant in the Caribbean.

One of the most important factors in Ocean Club’s success is the work of its mesmerizing pastry chef. The head pastry chef, Simon Pacary, is renowned not only for his flair for making the most delicate dishes but also for the accolades he has won. Pacary was featured in the 2021 Michelin Guide and awarded the Passion Dessert trophy, and just a tiny taste of one of his unique creations leaves diners convinced of his skill. Simply put, the location, aesthetics, food, and service work in unison to make Ocean Club St. Barths genuinely unlike anything else on the island.

With private dining available for special occasions like weddings, anniversaries, or birthdays, the club is always ready to meet the needs of its members. Sunset cocktails begin at 5:00 p.m., catering to the many Yacht lovers visiting St. Barths, or perhaps getting ready to attend one of the Ocean Clubs’ select events like the Exclusive Yachting Party or Monaco Yacht Show.

Ocean Club is the only must-stop restaurant in the Caribbean as the owners have fostered a unique and memorable experience for their guests, offering a level of luxury and comfort like no other. With unmatched service, food, and views, every night at the Ocean Club is newsworthy.

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