Coastal Chic

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Explore seaside inspired design ideas from local interior expert Natasha Harris.

By Somer Flaherty

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Natasha Harris lays out helpful guidelines for interior design inspired by the coast.

Natasha Harris grew up as an artistic child—always painting, drawing and creating ceramic pieces of art. But it was her mother, who went to design school while Natasha was a teenager, who inspired her to make a career out of interior design. Today, Natasha is one-half of the mother-daughter team behind Laguna’s popular decor boutique and interior design consulting business, Seaside Interiors. As a residential interior designer, she has designed spaces up and down the coast from Laguna to San Francisco.

Whether you’re creating a cozy beach cottage interior or a luxurious resort-worthy compound, the young business owner and designer has tips for creating the coastal home of your dreams.

Laguna Beach Magazine: It can be overwhelming to create a new design palette. What are some simple touches that help create a coastal design theme?

Natasha Harris: Keep the color scheme light and airy, and add simple ocean touches like an aged driftwood finished console or [beach-inspired] pillows—don’t be afraid to mix and match.

LBM: Is there a specific color scheme you recommend for a coastal design?

NH: Light and airy neutrals intermixed with pops of blue-gray.

LBM: What type of textures do you recommend for seaside design?

NH: Natural, woven sea grass; Sisal area rugs; and smooth, worn leathers.

LBM: Many local seaside spaces are also small. What can make a tiny space feel larger?

NH: A good white paint, like Benjamin Moore’s “Dove White,” makes any room feel larger.

LBM: What can you add to a large space?

NH: Stick with a cohesive look throughout the entire space and add a few plants, like a fiddle-leaf fig in a decorative pot or basket.

LBM: What are additional accessories that can help pull the look together?

NH: Pick pieces that speak to you. Whether it’s a vintage nautical object, a large piece of octopus coral or a framed sea fan.

LBM: What are some budget, as well as splurge-worthy design pieces?

NH: Start with a small piece of coral, a decorative candle and some fresh flowers. It’s amazing how just those three things can transform your space. One splurge item would be a gorgeous and serene photograph of the ocean or coastline. It’s like adding a window with a wonderful view to your home. … Don’t get carried away with too many little kitchy trinkets. Stick with a few statement pieces.

California Coastal Design

Seaside furnishings and accents capture the spirit of Laguna living.

By Somer Flaherty

Natural materials, interesting textures and an airy palette create the California casual feel of a coastal home—whether you’re lucky enough to live on the sand or just up the hill from it. Neutral backdrops, furnishings and accents create the stage for your own personal touches like a childhood shell collection, a framed photo of your family beach day and a vase of white sand from a cherished vacation. LBM

LBM_39_Home_Seaside Interiors_By Jody Tiongco-2-2

Octopus coral art at Seaside Interiors, Laguna Beach (949-715-4735;

LBM_39_Home_Fiddle Leaf Plant_By Jody Tiongco-4

Fiddle-leaf fig plant at Laguna Gardens Nursery (949-497-4950)


Mariposa Flip flop platter at Laguna Colony Co., Laguna Beach (949-497-8919;


All-weather wicker Biscayne lounge chair at Restoration Hardware, Newport Beach (949-760-9232;


Benjamin Moore Dove White paint at Ganahl Lumber, Laguna Beach (949-494-6538;

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  1. Natasha Harris is a very knowledgeable and gifted young designer. I have met her and have followed her work (through various design magazines) for years.
    Glad to see that she has brought her unique talents to Laguna Beach.


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