Beauty and the Beach

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Hair and makeup:

Keep skin glowing, hair glossy and makeup fresh with tips, tricks and summer’s hottest trends from Laguna Beach experts.

By Bria Balliet


A summer spent in Laguna means that frolicking in the sun, sand and surf will most likely be a part of your daily routine. However, spending days at the beach or lounging poolside doesn’t mean that your beauty regimen should take a hit. The salt, chlorine and harsh rays of the sun can really do a number on tresses and skin, causing dry, brittle hair, sunspots and wrinkles if a nourishing maintenance routine isn’t followed.

Additionally, heavy makeup and intricate hairstyles involving blow-drying and straightening tend to be so unappealing in scalding summer heat that they are often traded for convenient-but-dull ponytail and lip balm combos. Luckily, Laguna has its very own experts on hair, skin care and makeup who offer up their professional advice and low-maintenance looks to keep the body nourished and lovely all summer long.



The care and keeping of skin is essential during the summer months, when harsh elements are constantly attacking delicate skin. In fact, unprotected sun exposure—including improper use of sunscreen—is the biggest culprit in summertime skin problems. “Keep in mind that the body obtains all of the benefits of sun [such as Vitamin D and tan] within 15 minutes of sun exposure,” shares Dr. Zein Obagi of the Obagi Skin Health Institute, which has a Laguna location. “Multiple problems can appear or can be aggravated during the summer, [such as] redness and skin sensitivity in fair-skinned individuals [and] the aggravation of rosacea and facial redness,” he says. And, in many instances, perfectly harmless intentions lead to unintended consequences when it comes to spending time in the sun’s rays.

For example, Zein says that wearing perfume on areas of the body that see a lot of sun—such as the chest or side of the neck—can lead to textural skin damage and discoloration of the skin. “Perfume plus sun equals photosensitivity and irritation,” he warns.

Dr. ObagiEven those who make the effort to wear sunscreen every day may be less protected than they thought. For instance, heavy, oily sunscreens can cause more harm than good, clogging pores and exaggerating pre-existing skin conditions like rosacea. To combat this issue, many companies—including Obagi—carry skin-healthy and oil-free options that protect without smothering.

In addition, many people forget to cleanse the skin before sunblock application, making it less effective. “Without washing the skin, sunscreens are easily rubbed off the skin resulting in the loss of needed protection,” Zein shares. “[Also], waterproof sunscreens are just gimmicks. They loose their efficacy in the water and all sunscreens should be reapplied after swimming.”

Keeping all of this in mind, Zein recommends a few more simple steps to keep skin blemish- and wrinkle-free. Firstly, it is best to avoid sun exposure during midday, when the sun’s rays are at their strongest—usually between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. If you know that you will be out in the sun, prepare by wearing protective clothing and a hat or visor (a floppy beach hat is always on trend.) He also notes that a vegetable-rich diet, taking antioxidant supplements and—most importantly—drinking plenty of water will attribute to overall skin health.

If you forget these tips and end up with a painful sunburn, follow this suggestion to help ease the discomfort: “Take one aspirin or ibuprofen with food one hour after sun exposure for its anti-inflammatory benefits,” Zein recommends. And the rumor that taking a hot shower after a sunburn will “remove” the heat is unfounded, to say the least. Showering with cool or lukewarm water is a better idea as hot water can irritate burned skin.
By following Zein’s advice, sun damage and skin issues can be minimized and healthy skin can be maintained all summer long.



Once skin is healthy and moisturized, it will be the perfect canvas for simple and chic summer makeup. Laguna Beach-based makeup artist Berit Digerud encourages her clients to adopt a less-is-more approach to their cosmetic habits year-round IMG_1867-Editand drop the Kim Kardashian overdone makeup style. “That heavy look is just not going to be flattering for most of us in real life and up close,” she says. “It’s like you’re wearing a mask. So you want to show the best of yourself, enhance a little bit and maybe conceal a few things that we don’t want to show the rest of the world.”

Berit aims to give every client what she calls an “effortlessly flawless” look. Born and raised in Norway, she always has strived to combine her love of cosmetics with her belief that natural beauty is the best kind. And, in the laid-back beach town of Laguna, a natural look is embraced—with sheer makeup working best in hotter months along the coast. “When someone comes to me and says, ‘I want a healthy glow; I want to look healthy and refreshed,’ that’s what I’ve always liked,” she says. “And what I’m seeing now for summer is we’re going to see more of that.”

For those who are getting cold sweats thinking about leaving the house without their “face,” fear not. “That doesn’t mean no makeup,” she clarifies. “It means makeup that looks natural … lit from within [and] fresh.”

Hair and makeup:

To prep the face, forgo traditional heavy foundations and opt for a light and multifunctional BB cream. “It’s really a tinted moisturizer sometimes with a little bit of added luminescence that gives us a natural glow,” Berit says. “It just makes the skin not look flat and fills in the pores and gives the skin an even, smooth appearance.” Most BB creams available also offer light sun protection, which is a must in this beach town if you are prone to forgetting sunscreen.

After evening out the skin, make the face look more youthful and alert with a classic brow. “Filling in [the eyebrows] really frames the face and gives a little ‘face-lift,’ ” Berit shares. For daytime lids, opt for a lengthening and waterproof mascara—it will offer all-day staying power, even on sweltering days—and finish with a swipe of liner across the top lid only to open up the eyes. Berit loves felt eyeliner pens because they give the look of a liquid liner without the difficulty and mess. Plus, they are easy to throw in a purse if crunched for time.

Lastly, Berit recommends topping off the look with a punch of color in the form of a lip and cheek stain. The multiuse product will save time and is portable and convenient. To determine the right color, Berit says it’s all about skin tone. “If someone has a nice tan, why not show it off with fruity colors like orange and apricot and guava,” she recommends. Those with a lighter complexion should pick up a pink-beige or berry color that will make skin pop.

Though it may be tempting to add more products, sticking to this classic summer look will ensure a beach-ready and beautiful face all season.



To top off the perfect summer look—literally and figuratively—a great hairstyle is a must. Since active ladies of Laguna may not have the time or patience to blow-dry, curl and straighten their locks into a perfect coif during the heat of summer, Romina Costa—the artistic director of Kim Vō Salon at Montage Laguna Beach—offers some low-maintenance styles and tips for glossy summer tresses.LBM_47_Beauty_Romina_Braid_Kim Vo_By Jody Tiongco-6

Though the long bohemian waves of summer’s past will always be a beautiful look, the trend for this season has moved toward shorter hairstyles. “A lot of my local clients that live here in Laguna Beach and Newport Beach are moving away from the super long [hair] … and opting for something a little shorter, which I’m really refreshed [by],” Romina says.

One of the chicest short styles that is also incredibly low maintenance is the long bob. Celebrities from Gwyneth Paltrow to Anne Hathaway have sported the collarbone-length style, which is beloved for its versatility. “It’s … a slight angled bob that looks great straight, it looks good with beachy waves or curled and they can still pull it up if they need to,” Romina explains. “So, it’s kind of a perfect style for anybody.”

LBM_47_Beauty_Romina_Braid_Kim Vo_By Jody Tiongco-31Those who prefer to keep their hair long have plenty of options to keep it out of the way and still stylish. A classic top-knot is always popular according to Romina, or to change it up a bit, bring the bun a little lower for a simple chignon. In addition, a good braid works wonders for windswept hair and can be thrown together last minute—with or without a hair tie. “I’ve recently started doing a fun braid. Just a very messy side braid without a hair tie,” Romina says. “There’s a cool way you can do it that will hold the braid without putting a rubber band on it.”

That same minimalist approach applies to summer hair color as well, Romina notes, commenting on the popularity of the “soft ombre” trend. “It’s great because it’s low upkeep but it looks really fresh,” she says of the treatment, which gradually lightens the hair as it gets closer to the ends to create a sun-kissed glow. “It … makes the color shine and brings a little bit more dimension [to the style].”

Once cut and color are taken care of, it is important to maintain hair health during the summer, no matter the length. A conditioning mask once a month works wonders and can easily be made at home with two products that are probably already in the kitchen.

“I’ve been having a lot of clients—here in Laguna Beach, especially, because it’s so very natural and people are very organic and in to home treatments—take a little bit of coconut oil, a little bit of a mashed avocado, whip that up together, put it in your hair, leave it in for 30 minutes and it’s … the best conditioning mask ever,” Romina insists.

Make the most of summer beauty trends by committing to healthy practices and grabbing a few essential products. With minimal effort, it is possible to look great with low-maintenance skin care and hair styles all season, no matter what the weather may bring.



GET THE LOOK: Beachy Braid

Romina Costa, artistic director of Kim Vo Salon at Montage Laguna Beach, offers a step-by-step tutorial to achieve an easy, tousled braid that’s beachy-chic with minimal effort. “This braid is great for an easy yet modern look that is perfectly ‘undone,’ ” she explains. “It uses no hair tie, just your own hair to hold it in place.”

LBM_47_Beauty_Romina_Braid_Kim Vo_By Jody Tiongco-9
1. Add texture to your hair with a beach spray that mattifies as well as adds body. Tousle hair with your fingers until product is evenly distributed. A good spray to try is Schwarzkopf Professional OSiS+ Dust It powder.

LBM_47_Beauty_Romina_Braid_Kim Vo_By Jody Tiongco-21


2. Part hair in three very messy sections. Start your braid ensuring that each section is not completely separated from the others on the end. “This is a little backward thinking since we are always taught to keep your braid sections nice and neat,” Romina says. “There are no neat sections—and no wrong or right—in this type of braid.”

LBM_47_Beauty_Romina_Braid_Kim Vo_By Jody Tiongco-27


3. After braiding, flip ends and tuck them into the end of the braid and pull until tight. Pull out random pieces of hair throughout this messy braid. As Romina says, “… Now you’re ready to hit the beach, shopping or lunch with friends.”




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