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Hobie surfboards_Surfing Heritage and Culture Center/Dick Metz Collection/shacc.org

Shaping Surf Culture

Dick Metz spent plenty of time in Hawaii, riding the waves with locals, opening Hobie Surf Shops and starting his own surfwear brand before...
Surfboard shaper Gary Larson_credit Josh Phillips

The Shaper & The Painter

The Ranch at Laguna Beach adds two new exclusive cultural experiences to the mix. By Jennifer Pappas Yennie   Tucked away in a pocket of Aliso and...
Metz Gerstle Africa_credit Surfing Heritage and Culture Center/Dick Metz Collection/shacc.org

Surfin’ Safari

Dick Metz went on a worldwide wave-riding expedition in the late 1950s that helped to inspire the film “The Endless Summer.” By Sharon Stello   Dick Metz...
Dick Metz with a Matt Kevlin-shaped balsa surfboard_Surfing Heritage and Culture Center/Dick Metz Collection/shacc.org

Riding the Wave

Dick Metz grew up during surfing’s heyday in Laguna, experiencing the sport’s evolution firsthand. By Sharon Stello   When Dick Metz started surfing as a kid in...
Diver DJ Mansfield - Photo by Brett Eldridge

Deep Blue Diversions

A guide to year-round water sports in Laguna Beach. By Ashley Breeding   While it’s unknown exactly when surfing started, Polynesian cave paintings dating to the 12th...
Brooks St Tyler Rootlieb Surfer_credit Geoff Ragatz

2011: Surfing Brooks

A true hometown event, the Brooks Street Surfing Classic is hailed as the world's longest-running surf competition. By Chad Nelsen It’s Saturday morning at 6 a.m.,...
2007 Donavon header

2007: Riding the Wave of Success

Why guitarist and surfer Donavon Frankenreiter has the coolest life ever. By Moira C. Reeve Donavon Frankenreiter’s fingers sweep along the fingerboard of the ancient Slingerland...

5 Watersports for Beginners to Pros

White, sandy beaches are what most people think about when they dream of Southern California. It’s true for a majority of the coast, but...