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Diver DJ Mansfield - Photo by Brett Eldridge

Deep Blue Diversions

A guide to year-round water sports in Laguna Beach. By Ashley Breeding   While it’s unknown exactly when surfing started, Polynesian cave paintings dating to the 12th...
Sunset Stand Up Paddle sup yoga_credit Erin O'Malley

Om on the Ocean

Find your flow with SUP yoga sessions off the Laguna coast or other destinations. By Sharon Stello   People often go to the ocean for its calming...
Norman Rest and Debra Kottke_credit Mary Hurlbut

Helping the Helpers

Laguna couple Norman Rest and Debra Kottke started Lido Paddle Project to provide a healing experience for veterans and front-line workers. By Sharon Stello   Norman Rest...

5 Watersports for Beginners to Pros

White, sandy beaches are what most people think about when they dream of Southern California. It’s true for a majority of the coast, but...