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parade_large_credit Mitch Ridder

Charitable Causes

Local nonprofits are making a big impact in town and beyond. By Laguna Beach Magazine Staff   A wide range of nonprofits are working hard to benefit...
SchoolPower Dinner Dance 12 Pawling_courtesy of SchoolPower

Giving Back

Volunteers and donations help local nonprofits continue their important work in the community. By Laguna Beach Magazine Staff   From helping the homeless to assisting animals, preserving...
Photo of Jason and Gorjana Reidel from LB80_58A2173_Dondee_Quincena_AL

Good as Gold

Husband-and-wife team Jason and Gorjana Reidel shine with their local jewelry brand gorjana and philanthropic efforts. By Sharon Stello   After immigrating to the United States from...
Jason Garza and Ashley Moseley header_credit Mary Hurlbut

Keepers of the Culture

Locals for Laguna Beach was created to help businesses in town during recent times of trouble. By Tanya A. Yacina   Before the COVID-19 outbreak was officially...
Bill Gillespie in front of ABT Gillespie School

Arts Advocate

Philanthropist Bill Gillespie was a longtime supporter of dance, music and other creative endeavors in Orange County. By Tanya A. Yacina   When asked about the late...
SHARE at A'maree's_credit Jennifer Gilmore/Gilmore Studios

A Season of SHAREing

A new charitable group aims to raise awareness for local causes while benefiting businesses impacted by COVID-19. By Ashley Breeding   Evelyn Best always aspired to her...

Rising Generation

  Laguna NextGen aims to encourage civic involvement and philanthropic work among locals. By Ashley Burnett   Despite its relatively small size, the city of Laguna Beach contains...

Montage Memory Makers Offers Scholarships Recognizing Altruism

Do you know a young humanitarian who is making the world a better place? Montage is searching for 13 – 17-year-old inspirational leaders who go...

Local Nonprofit Growers First Sows Hope

Outside a bright blue building in a remote mountain region of Oaxaca, Mexico, a crowd gathers as volunteers from nonprofit Growers First lift coffee...

Doing Good: Local Philanthropists With Global Reach

There is a dirt road in Musanze, Rwanda, that is often overrun with children—some meandering barefoot, others wearing shoes with holes in the toes....