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Janz Laguna Beach

A Look Back in Time

The discovery of a simple teapot spurred Jane Janz on an incredible journey that took her back to city’s beginnings.

A Look Back at Laguna South Coast Cinemas

On Aug. 30, 2015, Laguna Beach residents said goodbye to a piece of history when the city’s only movie theater, Laguna South Coast Cinemas,...

Then & Now: The Corner at Park and Forest Avenues

At the corner where Park and Forest avenues meet South Coast Highway, in the building with the bright blue awnings, workers have scooped frozen...

Then & Now: Sawdust Art Festival Classes

After perusing the booths at Sawdust Art Festival, visitors can try making their own pottery or take classes in a number of other mediums...

Coast Highway Dedication

Then & Now By Laguna Beach Magazine Staff As we cruise along Coast Highway from one beach town to the next, with tunes playing on the...

Norman House and Victoria Beach Tower

Then & Now By Laguna Beach Magazine Staff Like a castle turret emerging from the shore, the tower at Victoria Beach captivates visitors who ponder its...