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The Well_credit David Tosti
The Well personal training studio | Photo by David Tosti

A customized fitness and nutrition program at The Well can help you reach your goals this year.

By Elizabeth Nutt


For many, the impending arrival of New Year’s Day inspires resolutions aimed at achieving optimal health and well-being. But with a new year set against the backdrop of the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, it’s time to get more creative (read: say goodbye to crowded gym settings) when it comes to staying focused on your fitness goals.

Enter the world of personal training. At The Well, a private studio in Laguna, individualized plans aimed at helping clients design their own “fitness lifestyle” in a one-on-one setting are ideal—not only in light of these COVID times, but also because they’re focused on you and the changes you’d like to make.

According to studio owner Brian Wisely, lifelong fitness enthusiast, athlete and certified fitness trainer who opened The Well in 2008, your lifestyle dictates who you are. Wisely’s methodology is centered on the idea of empowering clients to choose an active and healthy lifestyle, and his primary goal is to help clients to perform, feel and look their best.

Here, Wisely outlines his studio’s offerings and explains why he thinks personal training may be one of the most effective—and one of the safest—workouts, this year and beyond.


Brian Wisely_credit David Tosti
Brian Wisely, owner of The Well | Photo by David Tosti

What are the specific benefits of personal training?

Brian Wisely: Personal training is very personal. So, it’s an ever-evolving workout specific to the individual as they progress, rather than a generic class structure to fit all clients. Plus, with a trainer, you will be taught how to perform the movements correctly and have a knowledgeable coach to guide you and keep you safe.


What makes it an ideal workout during the pandemic?

One-on-one personal training had lost its place as the best service offered by the fitness industry until COVID. Now, during the time of COVID, the model has regained its place in the fitness world because it allows for social distancing and more effective workouts that are specific to the individual client. Safety and efficacy are easily achieved with one-on-one personal training.


How is The Well handling and adapting to COVID-19?

We made changes very early on to adapt to the COVID[-19] pandemic in several ways … [and have] implemented the following safety measures: We hired a professional sanitation crew to clean and sanitize the studio twice a week—plus, we clean and sanitize constantly. We installed MERV 10 air filtration and UV light air purifiers. … Those who enter cleanse their shoes by stepping into a shallow sanitizer solution, then they sanitize or wash their hands.

The Well is 2,500 square feet, so we can easily provide social distancing for up to four clients at a time, plus trainers. All staff wear masks. We suspended our 24-hour cancellation notice and [have] encouraged clients and staff to not come in if they have any doubt about their well-being, and we have thermometers on hand.


Which personal training options are offered at The Well?

We offer 30-, 45- and 60-minute training sessions. Most of our clients engage in 30-minute training and find it works great for them. … Most importantly, we apply a comprehensive approach to fitness that I call “The Well Method,” which is about applying the five pillars of fitness: proper nutrition; cardio-respiratory activity; strength training; flexibility and mobility training; and proper consistency and rest intervals. We encourage our clients to schedule their fitness efforts.


How does nutrition come into play?

I am The Well’s resident nutrition coach. I teach people the basics of nutrition science and how to eat in a healthful way. … I also teach them to find a balance between eating for health and a lean body versus eating for pure pleasure. Without enjoying our food, a sustainable healthy diet is difficult to maintain. I also use a coaching technique that I have found to be very productive. My method is to have my clients text me … [pictures] of their meals. Then, I comment back with positive coaching. This helps them both shape their habits and behavior, and gain knowledge about how to eat.


What is your biggest piece of advice when it comes to finding health and balance?

Consistency is the biggest secret to fitness success.


Training Day

When tasked with a heart-pumping personal training session, physical comfort and confidence are key to enjoying—and reaping the benefits of—the workout.


Stay focused on your fitness with these exercise essentials and accessories, which will help you move more comfortably, stay hydrated and recover properly.

When working one-on-one with your personal trainer, stay confident that you’re staying fresh with the 24-HOUR PROTECTION DEODORANT by Nuxe, which boasts a masculine, woods-and-spice scent, but doesn’t contain harsh ingredients like alcohol and aluminum salts, $14, at Bushard’s Pharmacy & Apothecary. (949-494-1059;
DRYSENSE SHORT SLEEVE top by lululemon
Designed for training, the DRYSENSE SHORT SLEEVE top by lululemon will wick sweat away with its 100% polyester, meshlike fabric that also reduces the growth of odor-causing bacteria, $68, at lululemon, Fashion Island. (949-644-9642;
Post-workout, treat tired muscles to a targeted massage with TriggerPoint’s GRID FOAM ROLLER, which is designed to alleviate aches and soreness after an intense training session, $34.99, at Dick’s Sporting Goods, Laguna Hills. (949-472-8180;
Stash a bag of Ursa Major 4-in-1 ESSENTIAL FACE WIPES in your gym tote for a post-training skin detox; the individually wrapped wipes cleanse, exfoliate, soothe and hydrate skin and are the perfect way to feel refreshed on the go, $26.50, from Roots The Beauty Underground. (949-424-4266;
Carry a 32-OUNCE WIDE MOUTH WATER BOTTLE by Hydro Flask with you to your personal training session to sip water before, during and after your workout without worrying about running out, $40, at Hobie Surf Shop. (949-497-3304;
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