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In the Grove

Wake up and smell the coffee at The Grove on Forest By Ashley Burnett The Grove on Forest is Laguna Beach’s newest coffee shop offering up brews from Equator Coffee & Teas, a sustainable fair-trade coffee company with several organic options….

Dolce Gelato's espresso shake

Shake It Up

Laguna Beach puts its spin on the traditional milkshake. A longstanding American beverage tradition, nothing says summer like a sweet and creamy milkshake: It’s the perfect treat to combat the sweltering heat. But the thick ice cream-based drink was not…

German apple pancake (By Jody Tiongco)

5 Dessert-Inspired Breakfast Dishes

For those with a sweet tooth, enjoying a decadent dessert is the best part of any meal, from red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting to vanilla ice cream. In Laguna, it’s not difficult to find the perfect confectionery splurge:…

Active Culture's classic acai bowl

3 Colors to Add to Your Plate This Spring

While Brussels sprouts may make others cringe, they’re a favorite for clinical nutritionist Gini Warner. To her, the vegetable—in season locally through early spring—complements any meal and pairs well with wholesome ingredients like tomatoes or lentils for a colorful main…

Izakaya signature dishes

Contemporary Sushi Spot: O Fine Japanese Cuisine

While O Fine Japanese Cuisine used to be associated with a more traditional Japanese restaurant experience, it’s now offering a refreshed approach with new menu items, staff members and decor. The restaurant began implementing the changes in summer of 2015,…

K'ya Bistro Bar elevates the dish with four cheeses.

5 Takes on Macaroni and Cheese

Macaroni and cheese has been an American staple since day one. In fact, legend has it that Thomas Jefferson invented the combination. While this origin is debated, there’s no doubt that the Founding Father was enamored with it: He went…

Combo platter with herb-roasted chicken

Skyloft: A View From Above

At Skyloft—the new restaurant featuring American favorites like barbecue, Cajun and seafood dishes atop the historic Heisler building—a smoker that was custom-made in Texas had to be lifted into place by crane because it was too heavy for the elevator….

Nirvana Grille’s Lindsay Smith-Rosales with her son, Diego

Lunchboxes Then and Now

Endless memories are packed into the school lunchbox, but gone are the days of Wonder Bread, bologna and Twinkies. Today new traditions are born with a healthier twist that often requires insulated containers for less processed food. Yet, regardless of…

Centrál Coastal Peruvian owner Anna Driggs

Restaurant Newcomers and Legacies of 2015

Ever since The White House Restaurant & Nightclub opened its doors in 1918, Laguna Beach has been patiently cultivating its presence as a haven for fine dining. An aromatic aura seems to hover over the town that beckons locals and…

Photo by Jody Tiongco

5 Examples of Food Art, Plus Plating Design Tips from the Pros

Like traditional art forms, plating design relies on specific methods to capture the eye and evoke emotion. But there’s another complicating factor—and perhaps the most important one—when it comes to cuisine: taste. With food as the artistic medium, the organization…